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The stage was set on the morning of March 18, 2008 for one of the most important legal battles in recent times. Seeking to breathe new life into the Second Amendment was Alan Gura, a young litigator who had never before argued a case at the...
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"This book, while very well-researched and illuminating, is definitely for the scholar rather than the common reader. There is a lot of interesting history, as printing intersected with everything from religion to politics to exploration." Permalink
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""And you put the weight right no me." Relax guys, we can appreciate both Robbie Robertson's and Levon Helms's contributions to the Band. Robertson was the guitarist and songwriter for the legendary band and this long (somewhat long-wind..." Permalink
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DVD - 2002
Strap yourself in for an adrenaline rush, rollerball competition as three players battle the ruthless owner of an ultra-violent sport league, where blood, speed and murder are all part of the game.
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