Toy Story 4
Toy Story 4 DVD - 2019 | Widescreen edition

I watched this movie in theathers with my brother this is the best movie ever i had barrow the Toy Story 4 book called play with toys i tryed to type it yesterday but it didn't work so i typed it out today i haev seen all the movies and we have toy story 3 cause my brother could't wait to wath it cause it had too many holds on the 3 movie in 2010 and we have a Toy Story 4 advent Calender and thats my brothers and mine is Frozen 2 advent Calender but we both share both chocoletes and in theathers i said oh there gonna come to him i didn't know they'll show him as a young kid in the 4th movie i said when woody asked bo beep they names you never told me i didn't know either i didn't know they were talking abourt the race car outside when my car is from the toy story first movie when mr potato says to us it was it was funny when woody got a dust bunny woody i mean and a chair asked him oh how adorable what about dusty the colock said frances the elaphant said it harry the chair says that one reinerocers says karen eleaphant said fuzzball lebron said the tiger fluffy char said it thumper elephant said tumbleweed said chair i use to play house in 2003 to 2004 in gradse schoolin gr. 6 my friend didn't want to anymore my brother laughed at the pig said but its money that pant was in the camercal when bonne was in the car we just noticed boowell my brother did now watching it on DVD from the library in theathers we didn't noticed shes from monsters ice if you guys don't know my mom said i didn't want to go to school when in preschool when we were at Wal- Mart we didn't know what they were watching in the car next to us but my brother said its the boss baby but he wasn't sure then he said i think they are watching toy story 4 my brother said yeah your right it was at the kindergarden when they arrive we stayed in the car but our parents went to the stores its cause of coveld 19 thats why we can 't go nowhere when they boy comes i thought he will sit beside her and she did too but he took the whole box of subplies himslef and i said aw thats mean and some of the crayons fell in the trash as he droped his apple that he didn't finish and i forgot as shes crying Bonnie woody throws the crayons to her so she can color and some subplies for her to make something and she made forky i said so she made forky i thought shr just found it laying arownd somewhere my kidergarden backpack was a pocahontas it has only jhon smith on it weard i know them my brother used it at least none would think its for girls i said what is she making its a peguain oh a forky i said wearid my brother just made fun of it everyone laughed that she said she finished kindergarden we did too school doesn't start till next week what i thought she will go all not till next week but next week they will go on a road trip and she asked if she can bring her forky everyone laughed and we laughed too and when the fork screams comfllscated i didn't ment being taken away when the fork said trash everyone laughed even we did to to trash he said when trix asked she has all the questins and butter the unicorn asked why does he want to go to the trash woody said because he was made of trash everyone laughed so did we i thought jesse gonna say something good but no chutes and ladders i didn't know he said that i didn't know its a game eather people still laughed that he went back to the trash i saw this DVD in Wal-Mart and the music store in the mall they laughed that the forky kept going back to the trash and woody threw him back to the bed and he said big girl scarry everyone laughed we did toob i said shes not big shes little they laughed that focky went back to the trash sleeping we laughed when woodys face got sqished and everyone laughed when he made a sound with his nose a lady laughed that forky saw a trash and wanted to go in it but woody didn't let him

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