2nd in the Granny Reid Mystery Series.
This is a new series by the author - the back story of Savannah Reid Mystery Series.
II really like Granny Reid and the southern sayings and setting. I am especially interested in the lives of the kids and how they will grow up. As I found this series 'first' I decided to try a Savannah Reid Mystery. It took me a while to enjoy the story for what it was and the characters for who they were, but I didn't see the 12 year old Savannah in her 40 something self. Wasn't as snappy/sassy as the Granny Reid Series but the mystery and the writing were just as good and I enjoyed it once I accepted the grown-up characters as their own.
Will eagerly await the next Granny Reid Mystery release. (Guess it is good for me to have at least one story line I can't 'binge' read. I like discovering these authors when they have already written 10 plus books in their series! :) )

Sherri_Fox's rating:
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