In a world with stunning and conniving faeries, Jude must always stay one step--no, ten steps--ahead. Will Jude's humanity be her downfall...or her salvation?

Holly Black has, yet again, created a dark and intoxicating story filled with political intrigue and dangerous beauty. I liked this book for a number of reasons. First, the enemies-to-lovers (or should I say "enemies while lovers") relationship between Jude and Cardan had me on the edge of my seat. You could cut the (sexual) tension and witty banter with a knife...or sword! Second, the world of Faerie was skillfully expanded through Jude's experiences with the Elfhame and the Undersea courts. Third, the pace slowly picked up, eventually leading to engaging twists and turns (that had me feeling slightly manipulated, but in a good way). And that ending... Well, lets just say I can't wait to see if my theory will prove true in The Queen of Nothing.

If you enjoyed The Cruel Prince, you'll love The Wicked King.

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