Fire & Blood
Fire & Blood 300 Years Before A Game of Thrones (A Targaryen History) By Martin, George R. R. eBook - 2018

This book might help if you're jonsin' for some GoT, but it's not going to get you closer to finding out what's going to happen in The Song of Ice and Fire series. Fire & Blood is a history of the Targaryen line beginning around the time Aegon the Conqueror arrives in Westeros. It goes through the history of the first six Targaryen kings, but it doesn't even get close to the Ice and Fire timeline. The book is written like a scholarly evaluation of the dynasty, which honestly put me off at first, but Martin adds enough bawdy humor and scandal that I read it all the way through. True to Martin's style, Fire & Blood touts a ridiculously huge number of characters. I stopped trying to sort out lords and hedge knights about two-thirds of the way in.

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