Peppermint DVD - 2018 | Widescreen edition

I saw this movie in teathers a lot of action but i wanted to watch itcause it has Jeniifer Gunner i grew up with her i seen 13 Going On 30 i was going to watch it in 2004 when i was 13 but i didnt i will like it so i never watched it unitll i was 17 years old in high i also have Valetines day and i seen Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, Love, Simon, Juno we still need to watch the odd life of Timathy green and Miricales from Heven in theere i said are they having sex my brother said nothing my brother said what is she gonna put him in the truck i said what no title no there was i must had mist it again like i did in the other movie A Star Is Born i mist that title aswell ho ho ho Merry Christmas when i saw blood on her leg i said ew i cover my mouth i said in theathers is she stapolling it my brother said yes i said i can't look it made me cry that nobody came to her little girl's brithday party i didn't hear carly lanuge it does because she said her brithday suchs then her mom says they are ginna go for pizza and her dad said then they went to the carival and i said hey the blow up things we have Santa and Olaf i thought peppermint is a pepper then i in theathers i thought thats her name but my brother said its ice cream i never heard bye sweetiepie i never heard anyone say that i said is he gonna shoot them i said it looks like our the light yellow one it made me cry when she fell down shot she is 35 years old thats Daniel my friend is going to be this year i said it made me cry when she was packing boxes at home i watched it again in theathers when she was looking at her daughers drawing it made me cry it's her toy her daughthers oh he's a policeman too my brother laughed that a lady hit santa by threwing a ball i never heard anyone say you shit in me before i said in theathers remeber how i always say honk honk in a funny way i took that from Toy Story i never heard shit megnet before oh she was fighting before i said i said what she took a toy my brother said it's her daughthers i thought there was one that looks like it the guy tied up in a chair his mouth tapes remines me of Pink music in Just Like Fire my dad was coping him mmm i said what she did hey is he asked about yeah my brother said i think this movie should be 18 A thats what i thought in teathers i saw a man say you are still a little dog i thought he is gonna punch him when i saw her grining at the deer to a little boy i said oh its a boy i thought its a girl cause how his hear looks like i said to my brother in teathers i thought i said what she's not gonna keep it it looks likea disney princess i theathers i heard son of f not shut the f up he said 34 year old Daniel was 34 still when i was watching this in teathers i heard shit store not shit storm my brother and i watched smallfoot but watching the dvd my brother said bigfoot small foot it made me cry when she was looking at a picture of her family again and imagins her daughther in her car i knew she was imagining i wondering why is the sewergrate was opening itsself but it's her when he said there is noway she live and i said shhe is the gun shout made me jump in teathers and here whe he said kill the lights it remined me of Britney Spears Kill the lights i have her cd Curcas with a DVD included i laughed that a guy has shout my brother laughed at a shooting the guy coople times i didn't see him threw a gun in the garbige i was thinking a pad but i didn't say anthing when he shout a didetive i was saying what he is bad too when her daughther came to her i said she is just imagining when she took a gun and a pepper spry and that they said man down i said like Rihanna song man down minetes he said he heard guns shuots he ask if he got her but it was her listening i said she head him it made me cry when she was in the cemetary .

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