On A Sunbeam
On A Sunbeam By Walden, Tillie, 1996- Graphic Novel - 2018 | First edition

"On a Sunbeam" is a queer found-family space opera story full of heart (and a story full of heart is the very best kind of story in my opinion). The worldbuilding is fantastic, especially the fish space ships, and all of the characters will worm their way into your heart. This book has the kind of tender, quiet moments that make you feel something like a Miyazaki film and it has all of the imagination and beauty to go with it.

We've still got a month to go, but I feel comfortable saying that this was my favorite comic published in 2018. I will be recommending this to people of all ages and genre interests, but especially any sci-fi lovers. Also - you can read this online as a webcomic, but I strongly advise reading in person for the wonderful quality of the art.

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