A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place DVD - 2018 | Widescreen edition

A good-looking movie with nicely rendered CGI aliens and an incredibly stupid premise, i.e. that humanity has been virtually wiped out by giant spider-like creatures from Parts Unknown that (a) can easily be killed with firearms (e.g. a shotgun), (b) are blind, (c) possess no sense of smell, and (d) are instinctively drawn to sounds like moths to a flame. They obviously could easily be completely eradicated by the equivalent of a sound-driven bug light. The "alien weak spot" (a well-worn trope in alien invasion flicks since "War of the Worlds") is that high-frequency sounds disable them... obviously stolen from "Mars Attacks", which did it better and funnier. Definitely two-thumbs down for anyone who enjoys good, intelligent science fiction.

stephen_r_ferg's rating:
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