I Feel Pretty
I Feel Pretty Blu-ray Disc - 2018 | Widescreen edition

And then what I realized is that I could eat whatever I want, and still look like this. Shout out to my genetic makeup.
I'm just saying that if we want to get into places like this... We don't really care about getting into places like that.
How do you do that?
-Do what? I don't know, have all of the confidence?
I wasn't always like that.
-And what changed?
I started to really believe that if I wanted it bad enough, all my dreams could come true. And they are. You know?
I think that most luxury brands get it so wrong when they try to make a diffusion line. They treat it more aspirational, when it really needs to be... Functional. And practical and real. I mean, these women, they know who they are, and they just... They're proud to be bargain hunters.
Are you shopping for a gift?
-Oh, no, just kind of browsing for me.
Okay. Um... So sizing is a little limited here in the store, but you could probably find your size online.

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