Educated A Memoir By Westover, Tara Unknown - 2018 | First Canadian edition

I had a hard time believing that the events that occurred in this person's life were true. I may not understand the father's beliefs in Mormonism but I think that this on the extreme side of beliefs. Stockpiling weapons and gas was reasonable for an expected millennium bug on January 1, 2000. The fact that banning things such as milk could have stunted his children's growth. Religion getting in the way of his family is something that should not have happened and as an atheist, I see this as ignoring your family and just following your own beliefs as forgetting about your family and being selfish. This book was well written but there were some issues in the writing. This book was too repetitive and I think that it mentioned too many similar things, such as Shawn abusing and beating someone up.

I rated this book an 8/10 because I liked the story but I did not like how the author conveyed it. I think that this book could have used a more effective way of telling her memoir. I think that the author should use a more immersive way of telling the story so that the reader does not have to reread any lines more than twice.

miketany's rating:
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