Messenger of Fear
Messenger of Fear Messenger of Fear Series, Book 1 By Grant, Michael, 1954- eBook - 2014

Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant is a thought-provoking novel that tackles morality head on and leaves gears turning in the reader’s head long after the pages have finished turning. The book starts out as a mystery, giving clues as to what is really going on, but it is not until the satisfying conclusion that all of the pieces fit together. It is about a girl who doesn’t know who or why she is, other than that she is , apparently, to be the next Messenger of Fear. She is thrown into a harsh, confusing world. Can she really harden herself into a being which imprints fear into people’s very souls? Does she even want to? Does she have a choice? This novel made me question everything all over again.
Read this book to enter another dimension parallel to our own, and, possibly closer to it than you’d think. Grant’s writing style is descriptive, and makes even things the reader has not experienced feel as if you have experienced and understood them. This kind of relatability allows readers to read about and empathize with characters in almost any situation. It can get confusing, but I was glad I stuck around until the end. If you enjoy dark fantasy, and dramatic writing, then read this book and join Mara on her journey towards the truth.

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