The Jefferson Lies
The Jefferson Lies Exposing the Myths You've Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson By Barton, David, 1954- Book - 2016 | Paperback edition

This book is a joke. Or would be if not accepted as "true" by so many conservatives.

This pseudo-historian wingnut has a track record of "re-writing" history in the best tradition of revisionism history in its most strongest style... and, as a rightwing wingnut, ALWAYS very strongly towards a very Ultra Right bias and agenda.

The fact of an "endorsement" by ultra conservative wingnut Glenn Beck itself speaks volumes. As to the Wikipedia articles, the "highly prejudiced article's", I checked all the ones that were directly or indirectly related to this book, the author, and even Beck... And found them to be quite well referenced and TRUTHFUL as I could determine based upon exhaustive research - often based on their on comments at some prior time).

Maybe this should have been listed as a novel and under the Subject heading of "Alternate Histories" and "Alternate Universes".

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