Winter was the fourth and final book in the Lunar Chronicles. Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress were absolutely amazing! Winter was the final book and I had high hopes for it, it did not disappoint me.
The book was action-packed and filled with humor, a bit of romance, and lots of plot twists. This was my favorite book in the series, I found that the characters really come to life in Winter.
I really recommend this series to anyone who likes sci-fi, action- and fairytales. I myself did not really expect myself to enjoy it so much because I'm not really into Sci-fi, but I loved it.
The only problem I had with this series was not really a problem. It is written clearly for an older age then I am, so I found quite a few new words. If you don't mind looking in a dictionary for words then I think you can read this book 12 and over.
I loved it so much it gets a 200/100 score!!!!

Anna Beyer's rating:
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