Crash By Spinelli, Jerry Book - 2004 | 1st Dell Laurel-Leaf ed

I was looking for a book that showed the circumstance in school. So, I found this booked that did. John Coogan, Crash is what people call him, is the main character of this book. He is a grade 7 boy who is good at football, very lively, and active. Crash has a younger sister called Abby. Crash has a friend, well Crash doesn't think him as a friend, named Penn Webb. He is a boy that is a vegetarian, a Quaker, a cheer leader, and he is very kind, even dull because he is too kind. Mike, Crash's friend, and Crash begins to tease Webb for fun. The scene I remember the best is when Crash puts mustard in Webb's shoe while Mike passed him the shoe. What I felt was 'Why do people bully somebody just because they are a bit different?'. This book was fun and understandable because it was similar with any schools outside. It had a lot of interesting events.

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