Crash By Spinelli, Jerry Book - 2004 | 1st Dell Laurel-Leaf ed

I have finished a book called “CRASH” by Jerry Spinelli a realistic-fiction book. In this book the central idea or main idea is that the protagonist is John Coogan, people just call him Crash. The story is about him going to school with his friend Mike. One day he met a new kid in his neighborhood he wanted to be friends with him his name was Penn Webb who is a vegetarian (that means he doesn’t eat meat like Ms. Flagg.) John is not a vegetarian. John wanted to play on the football team this year so he and Mike went for the try out and they had made the team. Webb; however, did not join the football team or other sports team he went to join for the cheerleading team. That was the second that everything had changed. John didn’t wanted to be Webb’s friend anymore since he had found out that he is trying to act like a girl. So Mike and John went to make jokes about him and his cheerleading. Then one day Mike said something so awful that John had to say stop.

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