Walking With Dinosaurs
Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie = Sur La Terre Des Dinosaures : Le Film DVD - 2014 | Widescreen version

My kid LOVES this movie, and it's definitely entertaining with great CGI and some one-liners that even grown-ups can find funny. But its got enough violence that we had to fast forward through many scenes for my very easily scared 4 year old.

However, the underlying values are troubling for me. The thing that bothers me the most is that the only female character is a brainless love interest, with no character, and no loyalty, who gets pushed around and needs frequent saving. And then there's that troubling bit where they laugh at someone for having really short arms (uncomfortably close to making fun of disabled people). And glorified fighting saves the day.

So, if none of those things bothers you, then you'll love this film as much as my child does!

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