George Washington's Secret Six
George Washington's Secret Six The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution By Kilmeade, Brian Book - 2013

I found this to be a great book to introduce me to the Culper Ring, of which I knew very little. It is an excellent overview of the people involved, their activities, and the effect they had on the outcome of the Revolutionary War. It is well written and easy to read. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 for the following reasons: (1) I would have appreciated a simple chart giving the names of the individuals with their corresponding code name. The authors use both in their text and (of course) the letters from which they quote use only the code names. Especially since "Tallmadge" and Townsend" can be confusing as one is reading along, a simple chart (which I eventually just made up myself) would have been a welcome addition to this book; (2) I would have appreciated a little more information on the ultimate fate of Benedict Arnold. The book leaves him arriving in England after escaping from the colonies after his duplicity was discovered. Although a fairly well-known chapter in our history, giving more information on his ultimate fate would have helped "wrap things up" more neatly; and (3) I would have appreciated more information into what research has and is being done about these people-what led to the determination of who was actually in the ring and who did that research, etc. There is a cursory mention of this in the Epilogue, Acknowledgements, and subsequent source notes, but it's pretty scanty. Having said that, this is a great "starter" read about this fascinating group of people.

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