George Washington's Secret Six
George Washington's Secret Six The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution By Kilmeade, Brian Book - 2013

Interesting book about a nearly-forgotten New York spy ring during the American Revolution. As in all wars, the British and Americans spied on each other. General Washington appreciated the need for spies, but had great difficulty on getting information on British-held New York City. Nathan Hale, for all of his bravery, had been a spectacular and public failure as a spy, and it seemed that others were not willing to risk their lives. But when Major Benjamin Tallmadge was given the job of organizing the espionage activity, he brought a group together. Among other things, the spy ring found the connection between American General Benedict Arnold and British Major John André before Arnold managed to hand over West Point to the British.

Kilmeade and Yaeger give a welcome insight into the American Revolution, in a readable history that will be accessible and entertaining to many people. However several historians have criticized the book’s fictionalized dialogue and motivations.

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