But I have doubts about the structure. Though it suited my schedule taking breaks without the compromise of memory fading or thoughts disconnected, 3 storylines are intertwined in a way arbitrary (or trying to stimulate readers' mind?), e.g. a storyline followed by an episode (chapter) from another storyline is more interrupting than making mutual sense or sound echoed.
Eli's version and Peter's diaries are time-ordered, with more tangible correlations, and brought Eli, the Son #1, the fullest figure.
Jeannie's version, mostly due to vast materials spanning her whole >80 years life, plus sparkles of her illusion, nice touch of magic realism though, made her a vague and conflicting figure (contrary to many who might think her as a clear strong woman in a men's world, the Son #3, if Peter is #2?).
Impressive writings with historical details, though I sometimes lost in Indian and Spanish dialect, I always saw vivid scenes, splendid landscape, cruelty of the actions....how Perter's shadowed memory was erased by the love with Maria - one of the most beautiful chapters.
I'm intrigued by ending, Ulises was escaping in modern days, a (Indian/Cohuila?) boy of 9 years (in Eli's version) was left on the riverbank in 1881... mythical.

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