The Secret Race
The Secret Race Inside the Hidden World of the Tour De France : Doping, Cover-ups, and Winning at All Costs By Hamilton, Tyler, 1971- Book - 2012

The Secret Race was a huge eye opener for me on the state of the competitive cycling world. I read this book after the Lance Armstrong scandal and it completely changed my understanding of the way professional cycling works. Now I know how pervasive performance enhancing drug use was inside the pro cycling circuit. Olympian and former pro cyclist Tyler Hamilton does a great job showing the sad truth about doping and cycling. Through this book I learned about how ignorant the early drug testing committees for pro cycling were. Tyler Hamilton’s account of how early dopers were able to get away with doping by hiding their syringes in crushed pop cans was particularly shocking for me. His accounts of stopping doping and going from a top level competitive cyclist to someone just hanging on at the end of pro races was similarly shocking. This book really changed my view on pro cycling and while I still enjoy watching the sports I will always be suspicious of even the cyclists who are on teams whose central identity is being “clean”.
-@CookieMonster of The Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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