Milo Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze By Silberberg, Alan Book - 2010

Once again, Milo has become the new kid at school. Ever since his mom died his dad has been moving both him and his older sister into different homes. Everything from the “Apartment of Endless Stairs” to the appropriately dubbed “Stink Hole (The mystery smell was never found!)”. Milo has found that his dad just sleepwalks through his days, and our hero’s not doing so hot himself. There’s this weird girl at school that keeps bugging him, and then there’s gorgeous Summer Goodman. The kind of gal who would never give a boy like Milo the time of day. However, once he makes a new best friend in a kid called Marshall and finds that the strange girl isn’t that strange after all, Milo discovers that there might be a way to come to terms with his mom being gone, and maybe find a way to remember her too.

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