AVP Alien Vs. Predator DVD - 2005 | Widescreen

DTS, aliens, predators, and good action makes this movie perfect for your HOMETHEATER. I've always enjoyed the Predator and Alien. Now seeing them fight in a movie is what horror and sceince fiction fans wanted. The one thing i always look forward to is the advanced weapons of the Predator. And this movie did not dissapoint me. A quick scene where the large Predator ship in space, fires it's weapon at earth to make a tunnel had good sound. It was also cool seeing the large Predator ship fly over the heads of the explorer team in silent mode. Nice!!. The ship looked awesome with it's razor like fins and sleek design. This movie has plenty of sounds during it's action scenes and i have made it a part of my collection. It was also nice to see Sanaa Lathan in the lead role even though i'm not familiar with her being the action type. I'm giving this movie 4 stars. The alien and Predator fighting, very good action, good weaponry, good sound, and very nice visuals. A pint of ice cream with oreos, chocolate chips, fudge, blend to make a shake, with your pastrami sandwich.

Mocha6ft3's rating:
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