The Wright Brothers Legacy
The Wright Brothers Legacy Orville and Wilbur Wright and Their Aeroplanes By Burton, Walt Book - 2003

This would be a fine coffee-table sized companion to David McCullough’s excellent biography, *The Wright Brothers*. This has hundreds of pictures of the Wrights, their various gliders and early airplanes, the assistants and pilots they trained, their adventures in France when the U.S. government refused to understand that they could build flying machines, and their later lives. Also included are enough pictures of postcards, plaques, souvenirs, even a wonderful two-headed Toby mug, to satisfy collectors of Wright Brothers memorabilia.

Along with the photographs there is a well-written text that contains a lot of information on the Wright Brothers that did not make it into McCullough’s book. For example, there is a lot more on the pilot training they offered and some of the tragic endings to the one year of barnstorming exhibitions they sponsored.

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