Reclaiming History

Reclaiming History

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Book - 2007
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Publisher: New York : W.W. Norton & Co., c2007
ISBN: 9780393045253
Characteristics: xlvi, 1612 p. : ill. ; 25 cm


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Aug 11, 2018

A tremendous achievement by Mr. Bugliosi. He has effectively settled the debate on the Kennedy Assassination. Oswald did it and he acted alone.

For perspective, I have read another book that was pro-conspiracy with an open mind, Legacy of Secrecy by Lamar Waldron. If you read my review of it, I note that a lot of Waldron's conclusions are based on hearsay, not solid evidence. In Reclaiming History on the other hand, Bugliosi has done his homework, decades of it in fact. (Of note is that his professional interest in the case started when he prosecuted Oswald successfully in a mock trial in 1986... yes the jury found Oswald guilty... then he spent the next 20+ plus years writing this book to cement and confirm his findings.)

I started reading this book a few years ago and had to give up. But this time I finished it and am glad I put in the effort. Not that it's not well written, it is, especially the opening section "Four Days in November" which gives a gripping, minute by minute account of the events leading up to and just after Kennedy's assassination. But the length is incredible. As Bugliosi states in the introduction, if printed with normal type on normal sized pages, it would equate to a 5000 page novel. So be prepared to put in the time, but your time will be rewarded if you have a serious interest in this case.

Bugliosi shows that the bottom line of the case is quite simple. Kennedy's autopsy shows that both of his wounds entered from behind. Also an overexposure of the Zapruder film of the head shot shows blood spray forward from Kennedy's head, indicating a shot from behind, not in front. These two independent pieces of evidence automatically negate all conspiracy theories about a grassy knoll assassin. No shots came from the grassy knoll, period.

In addition, Bugliosi highlights all the other evidence which points to Oswald's guilt. For direct evidence, Oswald's fingerprints were on the boxes by the 6th floor window and on the rifle which was proven to have fired the bullets which struck President Kennedy. And circumstantially, if Oswald was really a "patsy" and was framed for Kennedy's murder, why was he the only Texas School Book Depository employee to flee the scene? Why did he immediately go retrieve his handgun from his rooming house? Why did he shoot the first person to confront him less than an hour after the assassination, Dallas police officer Tippit? Even if he suspected he was framed and was fleeing for that reason, why would he kill a police officer, which would get him the electric chair all by itself if caught? His actions are those of a guilty person, and the evidence clearly shows he was guilty of killing President Kennedy.

For those who cling to various obscure theories, I recommend they read this book. It is thorough and devastatingly clear about how the assassination happened and who did it. Oswald.

Feb 10, 2017

Not worth reading! Clearly ignores the mountains of evidence that points to a conspiracy!

LRS1969 Nov 13, 2015

This is simply a misinformation campaign by someone clearly with the (paid?) agenda of trying to close the issue with a major support of the actual evil of the Warren Commission.

Nov 25, 2014

Please note that the book "Reclaiming Parkland" noted by "sonjacharles" in the comment string below is now available from the Ottawa Public Library. As much as one has to take conspiracy theorists with a grain of salt, Mr Bugliosi cannot be accepted as the be all and end all of the history of the JFK assassination.

May 23, 2014

Yes, it's long & repetitive, but given the self-serving conspiracy theorists who know that people listen to & give even a little credence to his scholarly work on this case because they know him to be a thorough attorney & researcher; furthermore, that he's right more often than he's wrong and he's the best prosecutor this country's ever seen. The fact is that the case against Oswald makes itself when you understand that his wife & brothers believe in his guilt. People want to believe that the government is always lying and involved in a coverup--ever since Watergate, & these ghouls are making money on the grief of the Kennedys, the Tippits, the Oswalds, & the Rubensteins. It's time to put a stop to this nonsense & let the late President & First Lady & their family rest in peace.

Dec 18, 2013

I read the section on Oswald (about 300 pages) and am now convinced there was no conspiracy. This has affected my outlook on life in general for the better.

Jul 05, 2013

Finally: A book that details the beliefs of the CNs.

Simple enough: The only detail that makes this slaying different from others is that the victim was a President of the United States, the 2nd worst president in U.S. history.

Conspiracy Theories are comforting. A "king" or president is not supposed to be felled by a nobody. Had the victim been Oswald's wife or another unknown, thousands of trees would not have died to detail a rather mundane killing.

The only 'regret' is that Kennedy did not live to be defeated in 1964. That Teflon President was about to lose that adoration, and just for the record, hearing Zak-leen talk about wanting to die with him in World War III was a bit overdone.

Oswald's life is fascinating; if ever a man were raised to be an assassin, he was that man.

Apr 19, 2013

[Update: Just recently found out Bugliosi freceived an upfront payment of $1 million for this pile of offal!]
There are simply too many items which are either not addressed in this humongous book by Bugliosi, or that he gets wrong. One glaring item: he claims the three so-called tramps were successfully identified as Doyle, Abrams and Gedney - - - that has been thoroughly debunked! The newsy who ran down some men who were hobos at that time in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, was soundly one-upped by some real researchers who obtained photos of Abrams, Doyle and Gedney at that age, and there is simply no similarity. [And no, none were Hunt or Harrelson, et cetera!]
Unlike Bugliosi, who provided no photos - - I will:
[This is the Youtube vid of Doyle in the present explaining they were BOOKED and given 6 DAYS for vagrancy - - which contradicts Bugliosi's story.]
[Oh yeah, Bugliosi claims the cops are Marvin Wise and Roy Vaughn, when it was Marvin Wise and Billy Bass - - that Bugsy gets soooo much wrong!]
Bugliosi further claims that the Rockefeller Commission, which he claims is made up of // distinguished Americans \\ [thus above repute], further validated a match - - - those members being Nelson Rockefeller [who hated JFK], Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer [you remember him, he signed off on Operation Northwoods, a plan to murder innocent American citizens, JFK didn't reappoint him to the Joint Chiefs after that], C. Douglas Dillon, JFK's treasury secretary with whom he had many an argument, and Ronald Reagan - - - none my idea of upstanding types, and I'm certain Catherine Austin Fitts would have lots to say about Dillon!
Reading recommendations: Rockefellerocracy, by Richard James DeSocio, and The Secret Team, by L. Fletcher Prouty. [There are many more worthy of reading, but you'll understand everything with these two.] And those tramps were indeed never successfully ID'd, but one was an assassin from the French OAS, Jean Souetre, and the other a contract assasin, Moise Maschkivitzan, a Belgian of Russian-Jewish descent and Lazlo [last name uncertain], a Hungarian who deserted from the French Foreign Legion to join the OAS bunch.
And finally, to further dispell Bugliosi's fictional tripe, affidavits from the Dallas County Sheriff's office [see James D. Kitching item] stating those in the tramps photo weren't recognized as being booked that day --- again contradicting Bugliosi:
A most telling last film clip of Lee Oswald, who is repeatedly asking for legal representation, even though the police, and the Warren Commission Report both claimed he declined it:

Dec 22, 2012

This book is trash. It has been completely discredited by James DiEugenio's book, "Reclaiming Parkland." "Reclaiming Parkland" was just published October of 2013 and so far the library does not have a copy. You can request that the library buys it. I urge you to read it. Reclaiming History is the worst book ever written on JFK's assassination.

Feb 12, 2011

This book demolishes all the conspiracy theories that have spawned since the murder of President Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Yes, it is a very heavy tome, but with so much misinformation, half truths and outright lies that are spewed forth by the conspiracy theorists Vincent Bugliosi needs the space to examine all the evidence around the 3 murders in Dallas (Kennedy, Tippet and Oswald). Bugliosi goes through all the material related to this event (eyewitness testimony, forensic pathology, camera and movie evidence and wide ranging historical documents). He is very thorough-going, delving into the minutest details of the investigations. I thought the inclusion of the CD with endnotes (which include discussion of the gunshot dictabelt recording) an excellent idea. Unfortunately, few people will choose to read this book. A great pity since it does an excellent job of showing that all the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination are chimera.

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Feb 12, 2018

Not only was there physical circumstantial evidence against Oswald [e.g., guns, bullets, and fingerprints traced to the defendant], but there was an enormous amount of non-physical circumstantial evidence, including the very most powerful in this category: his flight from the murder scene, his resisting arrest, and his telling one provable lie after another upon his apprehension, all showing an unmistakable consciousness of guilt.


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