Ruby Red

Ruby Red

Book - 2012 | 1st Square Fish ed
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Mar 16, 2019

This book was excellent! If you're into novels that have an English atmosphere and word choice (like Harry Potter), or just love a good time-travel story, this book is perfect. Gwen is a relatable heroine with a secret power and a possible romance. Can't wait to read the next book in the trilogy!

Jan 04, 2019

I found this book boring at first. It seemed like just another boring school-drama story. DON NOT BE FOOLED! This book is a fantastic story about secrets and time travel and is a must read for girls 14+

Dec 17, 2018

It says the series is The Edelstein Triologie but I think that's its name in a different language.
I cannot find the name in English either :( Can someone help me, please?

I really like this take on time travel! i think its an exceptionally fascinating read.

kathleen_DCL Aug 28, 2017

A fun Young Adult book about a teen who discovers she has a special time-traveling gene. The best read I've found recently that is funny and just plain fun!

Mar 16, 2017

I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK. I practically flew through it. It took me less than 1 day and a half to finish it. It was so well written, and I just love Gwen's point of view. I also loved how Gwen and Lesley's relationship worked. They were so... Real. Their friendship was beautiful. And Gideon! Don't even get me started about Gideon. That kiss at the end, just, BEAUTIFUL. He was so frustrating at first, but then became this super sweet and adorable character. I overall, enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys action packed time traveling, mostly realistic romance, and real diverse characters that you'll grow to love. Most of the time.

Library_Jill Nov 09, 2016

This one was just plain fun. Gwen has a great sense of humor, and I loved being introduced to time travel with her. It definitely feels like the first book in a series, though, because I was left with a sense that the story is only beginning...

Oct 16, 2016

Now I am not going to comment on all the books in the Ruby Red trilogy, but if you bother to read the comments on this one you will know that this book and all the other books in this trilogy are amazing. They are filled with adventure, Sci-Fi, romance, and a whole lot more, so hopefully you give this book a chance because if you do you will fall in a trance.

Sep 28, 2016

While reading into this first book was a little confusing, I still really enjoyed the book! The intricately designed cover was just a bonus to the amazing content inside. I would recommend this to anyone who likes the idea of time-travelling, romance, adventure, and suspense rolled together. The main character is a very stubborn, yet imperfectly perfect girl. She gets thrown into situations that would stun the most oblivious of people, but still manages to get back up and throw a couple sassy comments. Truly, this author's other books cannot match up to this one. 5/5 stars.
- @Siri of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Aug 30, 2016

This book seems really popular. I really like the way the author wrote it. I couldn't stop reading it once I started.

Aug 05, 2016

I love this book!!! Between the mysteries and the love story and the adventures, Ruby Red is such a amazing read! I love how it has a little bit of everything, fantasy, romance, secrets, mysteries and adventure. I can not wait to start the next book and continue reading about Gwen and her journey though time!

Jul 03, 2016

I really loved this book, some surprises that you never see coming and the most coolest; Gwen can see and talk to ghost. Can't rest till i finish the series!!!

Jul 23, 2015

I think the book will work pretty well for a younger audience. It's clean, fun and interesting. While Gwen is a sweet girl, she comes off as a pre-teen rather than a late-teen, particularly during the later chapters.

The plot is interesting but it's over-simplified, confusing at times and lacking regarding the overall basis, methods, and cause and effect of time-travelling. I also did not particularly like the backward mentality of the members of the Lodge towards females.

Jul 15, 2015

This story is about young Gwen, who finds out she is the chosen one in the family who carries a time travel gene …TIME TRAVEL!! Though she wasn’t who was expected she has no choice now but to dive in, with her traveling counterpart Gideon. They are on a mission, to complete the circle and finally reveal the secret…. but is that a good thing or a bad thing??

You really can’t tell….

This book was fast paced (seriously the whole book takes place over like a 4 day span), and it has a really complex story line…(to be expected with time travel, no?)
But, Gier does an excellent job of breezing over it in a way were you think you get it, but makes it humorous and excusable even if you don’t. Even by the end (with a big fat CLIFFY!) it is all still so mysterious and full of secrets I’m not sure where to stand, or who to root for, but I will say things are not as they seem….trust no one.

Jan 21, 2015

For Young Adults. First in a trilogy. An enjoyable story about time-travel, secrecy, mystery and romance. Highly recommend this book,look forward to reading the second in the series.

Nov 27, 2014

I enjoyed this first book in the series. Although on further reflections, found the male arrogance in this century to be obnoxious.

Would not read again.

Nov 26, 2014

This book was amazing. Not your typical teen novel. (Yes there was a little bit of romance but that is not the main focus of the book). It plays with the concepts of trust and manipulation, while also being a gripping and fantastic time travel stroy. It also does not have mind boggling paradoxes, so it is easier to understand. A must-read for everyone!

Nov 02, 2014

The first book in a series that is currently a trilogy, you can tell that this book is setting up for plot developments in later installments. ‘Ruby Red’ is about an average teenage girl named Gwen, whose family has an extraordinary secret that accidentally sends Gwen back in time. After living in the dark about many important details all of her life, she is completely unprepared when she stumbles into this dangerous and exciting new world. The title is made relevant very early in the book as Gwen is the ‘Ruby’, the final member of a group of time travelers.
There is danger around every turn, and both Gwen and the reader are kept on their toes. It does make things more realistic, but Gwen’s obliviousness and uninformed decisions can be frustrating throughout the book. Although the reader is also unenlightened, making Gwen’s decisions more reasonable, it is still difficult to sort out the complex situation. While readers who like action and drama will eagerly suck up each word, those who like to take a more analytical approach may find this book a complex puzzle to sort out. Just when you think you know who to root for, something is revealed to make you question it all over again. ‘Ruby Red’ may not be a mystery novel, but there is still a lot for both the protagonist and the reader to figure out.
Overall, ‘Ruby Red’ is a fast paced, action packed novel, with a side of romance and drama. Any reader who enjoys a book with more than just a baddie to beat up should try reading this novel.

Oct 01, 2014

This was actually really good, and the character was pretty awesome-ly unique! Why doesn't this story have more ratings?!

violet_horse_933 Aug 22, 2014

I loved it. The author made the book very interesting with her concepts of time traveling.

Jun 17, 2014

I liked the idea of time travel and Gwen and Gideon are so cute, but it was way too short :(

LeapYearBaby Mar 17, 2014

LOVED it! Moveing on to Saphire Blue!

Feb 21, 2014

omg!!!!!!!!! best book ever!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME LUVED IT!!!!!!!!i every girl needs to read it!!

Dec 16, 2013

This was a interesting book if you are into the time travel idea. I loved the historical images neatly blended with the modern which really held my attention to the last page! Can't wait to read the other books!

Dec 06, 2013

: I LOVE Gwyneth's character! She reminds me a lot of the girls from Finding Cassie Crazy (in America it's known as The Year of Secret Assignments I think), and considering that is one of my favourite books of all time, it's a huge compliment. I also adore her best friend Lesley. Lesley might be even MORE hilarious than Gwyneth is, it's hard to tell because they are PERFECT together! And I love, LOVE so much that they are really best friends (unlike most bffs in YA literature). It was a great read, and I'm definitely reading the next book (which I hope will explain all my questions), but this book just didn't feel fleshed out enough. So in short, yes I think you should read this book, but you need to have an open mind for a silly heroine rather than a gung-ho sword toting one. If you're cool with that, this is a really fun book! For the full review, head to my blog at OboeChica Books (so long and thanks for all the fish).

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